Phishing Task Force Security Awareness News

The mission of the Phishing Task Force is to provide a forum for a collaborative effort between security professionals, vendors in industry, research, and government, to discuss best practices, innovative solutions, investigative techniques, incident response and practical approaches to communicate, perform trending analysis, provide security awareness and defend against phishing attacks in a timely manner.

The following Security Awareness communications may be re-used "as is" or branded to reflect your organization identity.

Phishing Links

Steps you can take to protect your environment:

  • SPF
  • DKIM
  • DMARC (Note: in countries like Germany. paid "DMARC-like" solutions are offered by the ISPs and they are likely not to be willing to implement the DMARC standard)
  • Digitally Sign messages
  • Reputation validation
  • Risk based delivery profiles
  • Phishing Assessment Testing with Security Awareness Program

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